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Five Reasons to Be Happy About the Book Market in 2013

 by Deborah Smith







  1. Authors will continue to find new avenues for publishing their work, both through traditional publishers and via self-publishing sites.
  2. Social media opportunities  will continue to grow, and smart authors who patiently build an audience  via Facebook, Goodreads and other sites can accomplish substantial results – with little or no cost.
  3. Ebooks will continue to  flourish. Sales of ebook readers and all-purpose tablets are a given; manufacturers are always on the look-out for new bells and whistles to add to the technology. Targeted promotions to genre readers will become a bigger part of many retailers’ platforms.
  4. Audiobook production will become more accessible to authors and small publishers through programs such as
  5. Subscription services have the potential to build new reader markets by allowing readers to sign up for serialized books and short stories.


And . . . one bonus reason to be happy about the state of the book arts next year: the All Important Pub Date is dead. Actually, it’s been dead for some time, but authors keep poking its carcass as if it might wake up. No more obsessing about setting up ads, blog tours, eblasts and booksignings to coincide with your newest book’s launch date. Yes, big publishers will continue to plan massive launch campaigns for their biggest titles, hoping to score the rush of sales that lands books on the major bestseller lists. But for the rest of us, the reality is this: successful bookselling is about promoting yourself and your books over the long term. The tap, tap, tap, of your on-going promotions – small and scattered though they may be – slowly creates reader awareness. And, simply put, nothing promotes your work better than your next new book. While we all love “overnight” success stories about the newest blockbuster that jumped out an unknown, first-time author’s creative efforts, the vast majority of successful authors got where they are by slogging along dutifully in the publishing trenches–book after book, gaining new readers and earning more buzz.

Write on, my ink-stained sisters and brothers! And happy holidays to you all!


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