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How to Read a Romance Novel

By Nicki Salcedo Everyone likes to criticize romance novels. They are the bullied kids on the literary playground. Mostly because romance novels are happy. Nobody likes happy people. Recently posted an article “Eloisa James on Feminism, Sexuality, and Why Romance Novels Are More Than Worthy of Respect.” It was in response to some mean […]

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Multi-life Bucket List

By Laura Drake   At my age, you have to start being realistic about your bucket list. After all, I may not be at the bottom of that bucket yet, but I can see the bottom from where I am. For example – some of the items on my list are now beyond me, physically. […]

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The Language of Flowers

By Jean Willett   Spring is here, finally, after a harsh winter, occasional slew of tornadoes and torrential rains that still linger as if the clouds can’t quite spit it all out the first time. With spring come warmer temperatures and flowers. I’m drawn away from my desk with an urge to pull out my […]

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Enough’s Enough

By Laura Drake   I’ve recently discovered that I’ve entered a new stage in my life. Yes, I’m retired, but I’ve been retired for three years now, and I still have the full time author gig.  I think our move to Texas is what finished a transition that, I only see in retrospect, began a […]

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By Jean Willett   Today, a fellow writer is suffering the loss of her husband. She’s a writer, a mother, a wife and an artist. She wears her many hats with joy and tonight she sheds tears for a love lost too soon. We all face life that may crush our spirit, our creativity, our […]

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