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“And what if then…”

By Deb Smith   I have seen the light. It has cow horns on its football helmet, six-pack-abs on its lady-dragon belly, no respect for reality, and a deep determination to drag me back to pre-regimented childhood times when Game of Thrones was a minor soap opera compared to the epic dramas I reeled off […]

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Collecting Life

By Laura Drake     After twenty-seven years of dreaming and planning, Alpha Dog and I have finally made the move from Southern California to Texas. It has been a harrowing, amazing, wonderful experience on many levels. As an author, I find myself sitting back and watching my own reactions and emotions. I’ve never been […]

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A Family Story

By Ann Hite     Each family’s history has a root system that when examined unearths more questions than answers. The story of my mother’s decline, her mental instability, her bouts with bi-polar, could be traced back to her own mother’s family, where there was a long list of family who fought ‘nerves’. An early […]

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Care and Feeding of a Writer

By Jean Willett     Traveling recently, I realized how the experience was similar to writing. Get up, load the car, drive hours and arrive exhausted. With my writing, I wake up energized about part of my story and head for my computer. After several hours, my body is tired, my eyes are strained and […]

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If We Understood

by Nicki Salcedo I’ve been troubled by mysteries in recent weeks. Where did the plane go? Why is the skin of my youth not the skin that I have now? Why do we grieve? Why do we claim we know when time begins, when logically time can have no beginning or end? I’m like a […]

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